Intesa SanPaolo: 90 billion in three years for Companies investing in innovation and research

Nola, at the “A. Abete” plant, presented the agreement between “Confindustria Piccola Industria” and “Intesa Sanpaolo”.
“Young people are the ‘enabling technologies’ of the South” Mr. Gianluigi Viscardi, Vice President of Confindustria said in “PROGETTARE FUTURO” the  meeting promoted by “Confindustria Piccola Industria” and “Intesa Sanpaolo”. Development of Enterprises and their dimensional and financial growth are a must for the economic recovery of the country. The industry of the future, according to Mr. Viscardi, requires adequate dimensions, which also serve good credit and new finance.
Guests of “A. Abete aerospace company”, the representatives of the business world and the regional financial system, met to go into details of the Financial Instrument prepared last November, which makes available, to support investment in firms over next three years, a plafond of 90 billion euros. The agreement between entrepreneurs and bankers aims to finance business growth, enhancing corporate assets through a new relationship model based on credit quality factors.
It is meaningful that Confindustria and Intesa SanPaolo have located as a home to present in Campania a tool for business development, a company as “A. Abete”. A reality that, according to Mr. Giovanni Abete, Company Managing Director, has in recent years maintained and accelerated growth, renewing the business model. Not only with important investments to support the extension and innovation of processes but also through training and attention to the human factor, communication and promotion, to support an aggressive commercial policy aimed at researching and acquiring new national and foreign markets. In just a few years, the company has increased international credibility, billing and employees, and is now a direct partner of major international aerospace players.
“We will continue on this way; innovation and adequate dimensions will enable us to acquire new markets. Aiming for Industry 4.0 – Mr. Abete said – is a necessity and not just an opportunity we do not want to lose.”
“Knowing how to innovate means operating a cultural change in operational processes – said Mr. Francesco Guido, Regional Director Intesa Sanpaolo; means also knowing how to identify solutions or ideas that are not yet available but are feasible. Extending internationalization policies and introducing digitization are, for South companies and SMEs, a necessity that will overcome the grip of the internal market. In Italy, 7% of companies operate on-line, in Europe 17%; In addition, an infrastructure gap has to be recovered, and the agreement with Confindustria will allow investments to promote the growth and competitiveness of enterprises by supporting internationalization and digitization.” “But – Guido said – also by allowing for precise measures to enhance the human factor, to create ecosystems between companies and to support new entrepreneurship”
“Intesa San Paolo in 2016 – concluded Guido – with 6.5 €billion sustained the southern economy; with 18 €million first startup’s initiatives. The aim of the institute is to extend its presence in the coming years for sustaining the southern economy in its development.”