Funds for the Internationalization of SMEs. The call for tenders and the related deadlines have been amended.

The deadline for the companies that aim to access the 15 million euros of the regional program for the internationalization of micro, small and medium enterprises is postponed to July 13.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, both in single and associated forms (Ats, Ati, Business networks, consortia, and consortium companies, freelancers who have at least one operational headquarters in Campania) can access funding.

On the granting of facilities, a preferential lane will be reserved for companies operating within eight macro-sectors identified by the Region:

  • Aerospace (aerospace, space, defense and security sectors);
  • Cultural heritage (cultural industry system), tourism, sustainable construction (construction and housebuilding);
  • Biotechnologies, human health, agri-food (pharmaceutical, medical / biomedical devices, pure biotech, agro-industrial sectors);
  • Energy and environment (electricity production, energy conversion and storage, electrical devices for measuring and supplying electricity, territorial protection and environmental resources management, bioplastics and biochemicals sectors);
  • Advanced materials and nanotechnologies;
  • surface transport, logistics (automotive, vehicle manufacturing and rail transport systems, port and airport logistics);
  • textiles, clothing, footwear sectors.


The benefits will be granted according to the “de minimis” regulation, for a maximum of 150.000 euro – i.e. 70% of the allowed expenses – for Micro and SMEs that request it in single form; and for a ceiling of 500.000 euro (with a 150.000 euro limit per company) for projects presented in an associate form – always equal to 70% of the expenses allowed for financing.

Eligible actions include:

  • participation in international fairs and shows
  • incoming of foreign operators
  • organization of bilateral meetings, workshops and seminars both in Italy and abroad
  • temporary use of offices and / or exhibition rooms abroad and transport of samples and materials
  • creation of actions and materials for communication, marketing, advertising, websites and web-based environments
  • specialized support in searching foreign operators / partners; legal (patents and trademark registration), tax, customs advice; feasibility studies; foreign product certifications; carrying out feasibility studies and marketing plans for internationalization; designing and realization of brands for foreign markets.